More Sea of Monsters Pictures, Part Whatever

Because they are out there and we can, here are some more pictures of the cast of Sea of Monsters.

We know that Nathan Fillion has already finished his part of the filming, but I’m not really sure how far along in filming they are, but I’m thinking that they still have a ways to go, and then it will be all post-production stuff from there.  So, enjoy these pics while they come!



Picture Updates! (Sea of Monsters)

New updates from the Sea of Monsters set.
I have to say, Alexandria sure does look good blonde!
And I’m loving Nathan Fillian’s smile! I’m really excited to see him play Hermes.
And, I’m liking Tyson more and more each day. Maybe casting him wasn’t such a bad idea!

Tell us your views in the comments. 🙂

Nathan Fillion as Hermes the UPS Guy got a couple of pictures of Nathan Fillion in costume on the Sea of Monsters set, and dressed as… a UPS courier!  Well, how appropriate, considering he’s playing Hermes, the messenger of the gods.

Whoever thought of making Nathan Fillion’s god Hermes a UPS courier in shorts is brilliant. What a great twist on the idea of Hermes giving Percy Jackson what he needs to head into the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical Golden Fleece, the second in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians franchise.

Nathan Fillion flew into Vancouver yesterday to do his cameo but he wasn’t easy to spot inside a fake UPS Store at Pender & Abbott in downtown Vancouver. He may have gone undetected if a friend hadn’t suggested he could be inside behind the counter. And sure enough from across the street through the glass I caught glimpses of him laughing with the main cast –  Logan Lerman”s Percy Jackson; Douglas Smith’s Tyson and Alexandra Daddario’s Annabeth.

A couple of fans got his attention earlier in the day yelling, “Hey Captain Tightpants!” And here he is signing another fan’s Firefly DVD.

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More Pics of Sea of Monsters Cast

We pulled up more pictures that were taken by JustJaredJr and posted by the Logan Lerman Fan Photo Gallery.  From what we can tell, this is Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson arriving at the Vancouver airport, looking ready to get filming, and greeting fans, too.  You can see that Leven Rambin, who will be playing Clarisse, was also part of the group, however, interestingly enough it doesn’t seem that anyone was asking for autographs from her.  Did no one have their Hunger Games tribute book with them?!

Yes, it does look like Alexandra has lightened her hair.  Not sure if it’s for the movie or what, though.  What do you think about the hair color?  I know it’s still not blonde, but…

Anyway, you can look at a few more pictures on their arrival at the JustJaredJr site.


Meet Thalia Grace

Paloma Kwiatkowski to play Thalia Grace
Image courtesy of The Golden Fleece

News has come out that they have now cast Thalia Grace for the upcoming Sea of Monsters movie.

Her name is Paloma Kwiatkowski, a Canadian from Vancouver.  If you don’t know her, it’s no surprise, because she is basically very new.  This will be her first feature film and I’m sure she’s excited about landing the role, since it was apparently her first ever audition.  Something like that doesn’t happen too often in Hollywood, so she must’ve done something right.

Paloma is signed on for Sea of Monsters, and if all goes well and this movie is a success enough for more movies to be made, she’s already on contract to be in the two successive films after it.

For those of you who do not know who Thalia Grace is, she is a demigod, her father being Zeus.  She was not in the previous film, The Lightning Thief, and if I remember correctly, she really doesn’t show up in Sea of Monsters until closer to the end of the story.  But, she does have more of a presence in the following stories, The Titan’s Curse and The Battle of the Labyrinth.  Let’s just hope this movie is more of a success than the first.

And we want to wish Paloma good luck in this endeavor, and we hope that she gets to uproot herself to more endeavors!  See what I did there?  Yeah, I know.

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