‘Sea of Monsters’ Concept Art

Alfonso De La Torre and Joshua Min, concept artists for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, have released some concept art from the film including Polyphemus, a hippocampus, Tyson, Kronos, and the Colchis Bull.



New Sea of Monsters Clip: “My Other Boat is a Hippocampus”

In what will likely be the last clip released before Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hits theaters TOMORROW, Poseidon gives a little help to Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson in the form of Rainbow the Hippocampus!

Fan Art of the Day: I Want to Drive

By systemcat

By systemcat

More Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Clips

New Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters clips have been coming out of the woodwork lately! Take a look!

Those Aren’t Sharks

Hi Brother

Fan Art of the Day: Ferocity and Color

Then there was a wild chorus of war cries and hooves thundering against metal. A dozen centaurs charged out of the main stairwell.

“Ponies!” Tyson cried with delight.

My mind had trouble processing everything I saw. Chiron was among the crowd, but his relatives were almost nothing like him. There were centaurs with black Arabian stallion bodies, others with gold palomino coats, others with orange-and-white spots like paint horses. Some wore brightly colored T-shirts with Day-Glo letters that said PARTY PONIES: SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER.

Some were armed with bows, some with baseball bats, some with paintball guns. One had his face painted like a Comanche warrior and was waving a large orange Styrofoam hand making a big Number I. Another was bare-chested and painted entirely green. A third had googly-eye glasses with the eyeballs bouncing around on Slinky coils, and one of those baseball caps with soda-can-and-straw attachments on either side.

They exploded onto the deck with such ferocity and color that for a moment even Luke was stunned. I couldn’t tell whether they had come to celebrate or attack.

By o0-sarcasm-0o

By o0-sarcasm-0o

Fan Art of The Day: Sea of Monsters

by TheBritishGeek

by TheBritishGeek

Fan Art of the Day: Poseidon’s Children

by SketchesLikeABoss

by SketchesLikeABoss