Rundown of Hermes Takeover at PERCY JACKSON Twitter Page


Looks like Hermes took over the Percy Jackson twitter account for the day on July 10th, and here’s the rundown of what he had to say:


PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS Japanese Poster, Plus Movie Run Time

Check out this cool Japanese poster for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, which features a somewhat younger looking Logan Lerman, the statue of Poseidon, and Mount Olympus in the background, while Charybdis churns in the bottom:


And thanks to Fangirlish, director Thor Freudenthal also announced yesterday the Sea of Monsters run-time:


If you’re not sure that that means, it means the movie will be 1 hour and 47 minutes long, which is a good run-time for this sort of movie. I’m pleased.

Poster Source:

Riordan To Write Greek Myths From Percy’s Point of View


fan art by FlockeInc

Can’t get enough Percy Jackson?  Well, don’t fear! Rick Riordan has tweeted some wonderful news about Percy and what he’s writing up for him.  Check out the tweets below:

So, it’s not about Percy, but it’s from the mind of Percy. I’m sure you can just imagine it now – Percy’s sass and sarcasm will probably be dripping, metaphorically speaking, from this book!  And you will all feel all the more enchanted by it.


Director Thor Freudenthal’s Tweets

Director Thor Freudenthal isn’t big on tweets, but he did tweet out a few pictures regarding Percy Jackson and cast.  Check them out below:

You may have seen this one before.


This is definitely a monster of the sea, but just the normal kind.




Can’t wait to see the Percy/Tyson relationship play out. This scene looks particularly cute.