Week 2 of PERCY JACKSON Art Contest To Be Grover-Themed

On the official Percy Jackson tumblr page, they’ve already announced the winner for week 1’s art contest, and now they’re starting on week 2’s art contest.  This time, the focus is on Grover Underwood (who is played by Brandon T. Jackson in the films).

Our second installment of the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Fan Art Contest is all about Grover Underwood.  We want to see your best takes on Grover! We’ve provided a transparent image that you can use, edit or draw from. You can also make something completely from scratch! Post with #groverSOM to enter.


For those who have a knack for art/drawing/painting, this is for you!  Would love to see what you all come up with in the contest!  Remember to submit your artwork to percyjackson.tumblr.com or post with #groverSOM to enter for a chance to win and be showcased!


Rick Riordan Joins Tumblr!


The Riordan Family Dog

Attention tumblring demigods! Rick Riordan himself has joined our cause! Follow him at

This is legit as the link to his tumblr was connected to his verified twitter account

Fan Art of Leo, Nico, Percy, and Jason 2010 and 2012

Artist Cathrel made some pretty amazing images of these four wonderful characters of the Heroes of Olympus series. But not only did he create a set of them once, he did it twice!  So, he created a meme to compare between the two sets.  One was done in 2010 with pen and tool, and the other in 2012 with a tablet.

Click here to go to Cathrel’s Tumblr account and follow him

What do you think?  I actually think I prefer the 2010 versions of them, but they are still both great versions of the characters.

Logan and Leven

You would think they’d be having fun filming this movie… and it seems you would be right!

Tumblr: Dead2Nite

Awesome Percy Pictures (from tumblr)