Fan Art of the Day: Percy Jackson

Fan Art of the Day: Percy Jackson

By TheMuzbo

A realistic portrait of Percy Jackson, based off Logan Lerman. Inspired by the new release of The Sea of Monsters.


100 Days Until the Release of THE HOUSE OF HADES

house-of-hades-us-coverWe’ve reached the 100 day mark until the release of Book Four of The Heroes of Olympus series, The House of Hades!  I won’t give spoilers here, but for those of you who’ve read it already, I know the anticipation is building.

In these next 100 days, we want to know what you plan on doing to pass the time until the release.

Normally, we’d try to give our own 100 suggestions as to what to do, but let’s hear from you all instead.

Will you be re-reading the last three Heroes of Olympus books?  Will you be going to Camp Half-Blood?  Or will you be visiting Greece and try to find the statue of Athena?

I hope you’ll all at least hit up your local theater come August and watch Sea of Monsters!

And if you haven’t yet, we suggest pre-ordering your copy of The House of Hades, which you can do by clicking on the image below to go to our Percy Jackson Merchandise page! You can also pre-order your copy of The Sea of Monsters graphic novel, and the movie tie-in edition of The Sea of Monsters.


Sea of Monsters Movie Tie-In Edition and Graphic Novel

The Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie tie-in edition and the graphic novel hits stores Tuesday, July 2! Will you be picking up a copy?


New SEA OF MONSTERS Poster: A Boy and His Sword

A new poster of Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson was released on the Internet today!

In the poster, Percy’s face is half-hidden as he holds up Riptide, the Trident symbol of Poseidon shining bright against his shoulder!



Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Stars on Why They Love The Series

Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson recently chatted with Hollywood Outbreak about why they love the Percy Jackson films, focusing on the positive message of the series!

alexandra-daddario-logan-lerman-new-trio“The series shows no matter what you’re going through, no matter what you’re struggling with or what you’ve going through, you can still succeed. It doesn’t mean you can’t be who you want to be.” –Alexandra Daddario

“You don’t see too many books and films right now, unless you’re a reader, that have underlying tones that have positive messages that can be for kids.” –Brandon T. Jackson

“There’s something really appealing, even to me now and growing up, with young people in extraordinary situations dealing with human issues, human problems.” –Logan Lerman

Hear the full clip here!

New Look at Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

wpid-6165971608tmb0.jpegSome people over at Collider were given the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie. Here’s an excerpt of their analysis:

Right off the bat, Freudenthal uses the film’s opening to prepare audiences for a lot of time spent out at sea, as if the title wasn’t enough of an indication.  He also uses a narration from the film’s title hero in order to bring newcomers up to speed and reintroduce the audience to the world of Percy Jackson.  The previous film isn’t forgotten or overlooked, but neither is it held sacred; it’s briefly mentioned and then the sequel goes on about its own business, which is exactly how it should be handled.  The title sequence flows right into the film’s first action sequence as a quartet of young campers run through the forest from an unseen menace.

So, what do you think? Is Sea of Monsters going to be better than The Lightning Thief? Leave your opinon in the comments.


Sea of Monsters Compendium Releases Image of Percy Jackson



We finally something new from the people behind the Percy Jackson sequel, and it’s a photo of Percy Jackson himself, played by Logan Lerman, holding his trusty sword, Riptide (originally known as Anaklusmos), which was posted on the official Facebook page.

The gods have handed down the Sea of Monsters Compendium, featuring characters, items, monsters and locations from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters! The first compendium entry is none other than the Son of Poseidon, Perseus Jackson.

Of course, this is hardly anything really new, but it’s something all the same, and we can only hope that 20th Century Fox is going to continue on an upward swing to win the hearts of the fans of this beloved book series.

We’ll keep you updated as much and as soon as we can to bring you all the info and images from Sea of Monsters!

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