Fan Art of the Day: Falling

Fan Art of the Day: Falling

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By Miriamartist

Inspired by the scene where Annabeth and Percy are falling to Tartarus, in The Heroes of Olympus series, The Mark of Athena.


Rick Riordan’s Sketches of the Argo II

Rick Riordan recently shared his personal sketches of the Argo II from The Mark of Athena!

EPSON MFP imageEPSON MFP imageRick used the drawings for his own reference as his wrote Mark of Athena, thus guaranteeing that he always knew the ship’s layout and where the characters were going!

Rick Riordan gives House of Hades Update!

Rick Riordan has announced that he’ll be skipping his usual winter solstice Q & A session on Twitter because he’s deeply entrenched in writing House of Hades, the final book in The Heroes of Olympus series.

Santa Origami sent to Rick by a fan!

Santa Origami sent to Rick by a fan!

I know it’s hard to wait for the next book, but it really does take me a full year to write. It’s not done yet and I promise I’m not keeping any finished manuscripts locked up on my computer just to be mean! You really don’t want me to rush it. That would make the quality suffer, and I think you’d rather have a *good* book than a fast book. I can promise House of Hades will be out on time, October 2013, exactly one year after Mark of Athena. It will not be late, but there is absolutely NO chance it will be earlier. I will do my utmost to make it worth the wait!

Rick also discussed the success of both Heroes of Olympus and The Kane Chronicles in recent weeks, especially The Mark of Athena and The Serpent’s Shadow being included on Barnes and Noble’s Best Books of 2012 list!

Congratulations on a great year, Rick! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

The Mark of Athena Wins Goodreads Choice Award


Rick Riordan has beat out Rick Riordan (and a bunch of other very talented authors) to win the top spot in the Middle Grade and Children’s genre, according to votes from readers around the world!

Goodreads Choice Awards Logo Mark of Athena 2012

Goodreads has announced the winners of their second annual Goodreads Choice Awards and The Mark of Athena has taken home the prize in the Middle Grade and Children’s category!

Congratulations Rick!

International Fans: How To Get A Signed Copy of Mark of Athena

Will you go for a signed copy?

Rick Riordan recently posted up a blog that is sure to please international fans!

Rick wants to ensure that international fans have a chance to get signed copies of The Mark of Athena, so he made some arrangements with Caren, the international sales manager at the San Antonia La Cantera Barnes & Noble.

To make possible arrangements for a signed copy to be shipped overseas, contact for more information!

Vote for Mark of Athena in the Goodreads Choice Awards!

Goodreads, a social network for book lovers, has opened up this year’s Goodreads Choice Awards in which site members vote for their favorite books of the year!

Goodreads Choice Awards 2012 Mark of Athena

A tough part of the competition is Rick Riordan VERSUS Rick Riordan!

The Mark of Athena is up for favorite book in the Middle Grade & Children’s category, as is Serpent’s Shadow, Rick’s book from The Kane Chronicles series. There’s also some not-so-Rick-related competition, like the last of the Artemis Fowl series and the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid tale. Which will you choose?

Anyone with a Goodreads account can vote in the Awards. You can sign up via Facebook, Twitter, or email if you don’t use Goodreads already.

Mark of Athena Special Edition

Hey everyone! My special edition copy of MoA finally came in. It is sooooo amazing!






it even has gold pages!!!