Read a Deleted Scene from THE LAST OLYMPIAN

Rick Riordan has released a deleted scene from PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS: THE LAST OLYMPIAN!


The scene focuses on Percy Jackson encountering his childhood nemesis, Nancy Bobofit, unconscious in Manhattan when Morpheus puts the city to sleep just before Kronos’ attack.

The lights of the city were blinking on. I guess they were on automatic timers. The streetlamps in the park glowed, making the lanes and the trees look spooky – like we needed any more spookiness.
Thalia stopped and tensed, like she was catching a scent. “I’ll be back. Need to check the Hunters on the right flank.”
Her bow appeared in her hands and she disappeared into the trees.
We stepped over bodies of sleeping New Yorkers, moving them to safety when we could. We were just coming to a stone bridge on the northern side of the park when we came across a dozen kids, all slumped next to a pretzel stand, like they’d been lined up to buy snacks.
Grover yelped. “Percy . . . look.”



Fan Art: Taking on the Minotaur

Bethany sent us her fantastic pen drawing of Percy, Annabeth, and Michael Yew going up against the Minotaur in The Last Olympian!

Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase Michael Yew Minotaur The Last Olympian

Great job, Bethany!

The Last Olympian Fan Video!

Check out this great fan video of The Last Olympian by JasonBTV!


Did You Ever Realize..

1. That many of the characters in Rick’s Kane Chronicles are directly related to the characters in Percy Jackson?

Percy – Sadie

Annabeth – Carter

Nico – Anubis

Zoe – Zia Rashid(Most popular comparison)

2. That the shared universe of the two series’ weren’t properly intertwined?

The most obvious instance of this was in The Last Olympian the Williamsburg bridge was destroyed so in The Red Pyramid there should have been no bridge – but they were driving over it!

& 3. The Gods in both series’ talk about each other.

The favorite allusion is when they are talking about the Mist and Gods in Manhatten in the Kane Chronicles. Rick made the Percy Jackson series so close to where the Kane Chronicles take place so obviously the Gods know each other.

If any of you have any other thoughts on how well Rick made his series’ intertwine – feel free to comment!