Son of Sobek Cover Reveals a Very Familiar Greek Half-Blood


Even if you haven’t read Rick Riordan‘s The Kane Chronicles series, you might want to start reading them now!  Somehow, Percy Jackson has found his way on the cover of the audio ebook The Son of Sobek.  So, surely, there’s a crazy connection between Carter Kane and Percy Jackson, right?  Well, I guess you’ll only be able to find out if by getting this audio ebook, which is read by the author himself, Rick Riordan.

You can actually read the short story of how Percy and Carter meet in the now available paperback copy of book three of The Kane Chronicles: The Serpent’s Shadow.



Percy Jackson meets Carter Kane in The Son of Sobek!

Rick Riordan has announced that Percy Jackson and Carter Kane will finally come face to face in a new short story that will be released with the paperback edition of The Serpent’s Shadow, out May 7!

Best of all, there’s a sneak peek available on Scribd!


Here’s what Rick had to say about the 40-or-so page novella:

This is something fans have been asking me to do for years, but why this story and why now? My publisher Disney-Hyperion was looking for something fun to add to the paperback version of The Serpent’s Shadow, which comes out May 7 — something to encourage folks who haven’t yet tried the Kane Chronicles to pick up the series. I decided what the heck. Let’s throw Carter and Percy together in a Greek-Egyptian dilemma and see what happens. The result was SO much fun to write.

If you’ve already read The Serpent’s Shadow and didn’t plan to buy the paperback edition, fear not! Rick says The Son of Sobek will also be released as an e-book single and an audio single (narrated by Rick!) a little later in the summer.

Rick Riordan gives House of Hades Update!

Rick Riordan has announced that he’ll be skipping his usual winter solstice Q & A session on Twitter because he’s deeply entrenched in writing House of Hades, the final book in The Heroes of Olympus series.

Santa Origami sent to Rick by a fan!

Santa Origami sent to Rick by a fan!

I know it’s hard to wait for the next book, but it really does take me a full year to write. It’s not done yet and I promise I’m not keeping any finished manuscripts locked up on my computer just to be mean! You really don’t want me to rush it. That would make the quality suffer, and I think you’d rather have a *good* book than a fast book. I can promise House of Hades will be out on time, October 2013, exactly one year after Mark of Athena. It will not be late, but there is absolutely NO chance it will be earlier. I will do my utmost to make it worth the wait!

Rick also discussed the success of both Heroes of Olympus and The Kane Chronicles in recent weeks, especially The Mark of Athena and The Serpent’s Shadow being included on Barnes and Noble’s Best Books of 2012 list!

Congratulations on a great year, Rick! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

Rick Riordan: ‘Myths are universal…’

Rick Riordan was interviewed by The Guardian about Percy Jackson, The Kane Chronicles, and the Heroes of Olympus. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:


You are known as the Myth Maker because you have popularised ancient myths in Percy Jackson series, the Kane Chronicles, about Egypt, and the Heroes of Olympus series. Why do you think there is such an inexhaustible appetite for stories about the whims of the gods?

To a degree, the Greek and Roman mythological heroes are just the first superheroes. They appeal to children for much the same reason. These gods and heroes may have powers, but they get angry and they do the wrong thing. They are human too. Children relate to gods because they are really parental figures, who make mistakes and who seem very capricious.

You taught classics in schools for 15 years. Do you look back at your old texts to decide which myths to mine for stories, or do you spot things around you that have echoes in the ancient world?

I tend to think of a myth and then explore how it would play out if it were happening in the modern-day world. I modify all the myths I use, but I stick very closely to their structure – it is the hidden teacher in me.

With a lot of them it is easy to imagine the modern context by, say, having Aries riding on a motorcycle. These myths are universal and are totally ingrained in our culture. We are still struggling with the same things, so they fit neatly into the modern world.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

Kane Chronicles Box Set


Amazon has released a complete box set of the Kane Chronicles for just under $30. I don’t know about you, but three hard bound books and a bunch of Egyptian goods sounds a like a steal of a price!

Here’s the product details:

A collection fit for the (Egyptian) gods! All three hardcover books in the blockbuster Kane Chronicles trilogy are together at last, encased in a deluxe box along with two bonus posters. This boxed set will be treasured by readers of all ages, whether they’re experiencing Sadie and Carter’s amazing adventures for the first time or are faithful fans eager to devour the saga all over again./blockquote>

Source: Amazon

Rick Answers Fan Questions

This past weekend, Rick Riordan answered some questions for fans. I’ve selected some of the more important/relevant questions that Rick Riordan answered on his Twitter in celebration of the summer solstice!

Q: Is Drew in the Serpent’s Shadow the same Drew as the one in The Lost Hero?

A: Yes. 😀


Q: Why are you so great at writing cliffhangers?!

A: A true cliffhanger means characters end the story in imminent danger. Most of my endings aren’t actually cliffhangers. They just leave unanswered questions. Mark of Athena, however, ah… never mind.


Q:  How did Frank & Hazel kill the Giant in S.o.N when they can only be killed by Gods & Demi-gods working together?

A: The giant Alcyoneus is unique. He is only immortal in the land where he spawned, in this case, Alaska. Once outside, he’s fair game.


Q:  Tell me Nico is safe! Tell me he’s gonna have a bigger role!

A: Nico has a key role in MoA but demigods are rarely safe!


Q: Will we be getting a Percy and Annabeth reunion in MoA or not?

A: Don’t think it’s too much of a spoler to say yes.



A: If I did, that would be way down the line. Heroes & Norse series first.


Q: How come, in the new series, not all demigods have ADHD and dyslexia?

A: That’s true in PJO too. Many demigods do, but not all.


Q: Is Percy one of the four narrators in Mark of Athena? 

A: Have to wait and see.

Q: Any chance of an advanced copy?

A: No!


Q: Is there anything that you could say about the Leo/Sammy thing in MoA?

A: No spoilers. Sorry! But it will be explained in MoA.


Q: If you could be a god of anything what would it be?

A: The god of time so I could make more. I never seem to have enough.


Q: How do you handle writer’s blocks?

A: Outline first. That way I don’t get to the middle of the story & get stuck (as much).


Q: Have you read the Harry Potter or the Hunger Games? 

A: Yes. As I’ve tweeted before, I love them both.


Q: When is Annabeth’s birthday?

A: I don’t know. I’ve never had a reason to determine it, at least not yet.


Q: What happened to Calypso?

A: She will make an appearance later in the Heroes series. Right now, that’s all I can say.


Q: Out of the characters in the HoO, which is your favorite to write about? 

A: Gleeson Hedge. He cracks me up. Also Leo.


Q: What is your favorite book that you’ve written?

A: It’s usually the most recent one, because it’s freshest in my mind. Hard to say!


Q: What other mythologies besides Greek/Roman, Egyptian & Norse would you like to write about?

A: That’s 6-7 years in the future, so I have no idea. I can only write 1-2 books max a year, and I’ve got 2 Heroes and 3 Norse still to do! All I can tell you is if you’ve thought about it, I probably have too & I’ve got more ideas than I’ll be able to write in a lifetime!


Q: Are you planning on writing another Camp Half-Blood series?

A: Like I said, that’s waaaay far in the future. But some day, I’d like to do 1 more CHB series where all the action actually happens at camp, b/c most of the other books happen on quests.That’s part of the story that hasn’t been told, & would be fun. But like I said, that’s way, way in the future, so don’t hold your breath.


Q: Any characters based on real life?

A: Yeah. Mrs. Dodds is a real math teacher, but she’s not actually a monster. Mr. Brunner (aka Chiron) is a real Latin teacher. Travis & Connor Stoll, Beckendorf, Miranda & Nico are named for former students of mine


Q: I heard a rumor that Thalia will die in The Mark of Athena, you confirm?

A: I can confirm that you shouldn’t listen to rumors.


Q: What’s your favorite character from the Percy Jackson series?

A: Grover or Tyson. They’re so fun to write about.


Q: Have you ever cried while writing?

A: Only because the first draft is so bad and my deadline is so close. 😀 No, actually I got teary-eyed when I wrote one scene in Mark of Athena, and no, I can’t tell you what it was. Yes, I know that’s mean.


Q: After the TitansCurse, Annabeth and Percy’s Grey streaks are never mentioned…shouldn’t someone question them?

A: Actually that question will be addressed in Mark of Athena.


Q: What’s your favorite ship in your books?

A: The Argo II.  Oh . . . not that kind of ship?


Q: Do you think you belong in Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter?

A: No. I would fail in either place! However, I can see living at Brooklyn House and studying magic. I would ace Advanced Napping class with Bast.


Q: I talked to a YouTube channel called RiordanRick. Was that account really you?

A: Nope. Only legit accounts are on my site. Usually I can’t respond to people on the Internet. Too many questions, gotta stay focused on writing. This weekend is a rare exception. This account is verified. is my site. Aside from that, if somebody writes you back, that’s a good sign it ain’t me.


Q: Who would you rather have: Festus or Blackjack?

A: At the risk of hurting Blackjack’s feelings, Festus for sure.

So, have you started speculating about things that might happen in Mark of Athena yet?? I know I have!

For more Q and A’s, visit Rick’s FAQ page!

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Kane Chronicles 3 Limited Edition

Kane Chronicles, The  Book Three: Serpent's Shadow, The (Special Limited Edition)

amazon that a special limited edition of The Serpents’ Shadow will be released on May 15!  If this is anything like the Son of Neptune special limited edition you will not be disappointed!

Nothing less than the mortal world is at stake when the Kane family fulfills its destiny in this thrilling conclusion to the Kane Chronicles. And now, fans of the #1 New York Times bestselling series can enjoy this signed and numbered limited edition of The Serpent’s Shadow–the perfect keepsake for anyone daring enough to join Carter and Sadie on their adventures. Each numbered book is hand-signed by Rick Riordan and boasts specially commissioned full-color art by series illustrator John Rocco, gilded edges, and foil stamping. The deluxe slipcase features a wrap-around illustration and makes an elegant centerpiece for any bookshelf.