Demigod Diaries Review

I’ve finished reading the Demigod Diaries and I’ve got say that I was very pleased on how it was.

The Diary of Luke Castellan:
I wasn’t so sure about a story based on Luke at first, but I thought it was good. It showed how Luke had gotten his resentment towards the gods. After that I could see why he turned on the gods even though it was a bad choice. It also showed how Thalia and him got a special item I think you would recognize.

Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes:
This story was a definite Percabeth story, it starts off as a picnic date between the two demigods and Annabeth mentions that Percy forgot something… Uh oh! Thank the gods that Hermes came with a special quest for them. He lost his special item… Try to guess what it is. Well anyway, I thought this was a nice humorous story and it had a nice ending.

Leo Valdez and the Quest For Buford
This was my favorite story of the book. Probably because my favorite characters consists of Leo and Nico, sadly Nico wasn’t in it :-(. Anyway, this was a funny story that is set in the middle of the building of Argo II. And Leo loses something fatal and he doesn’t know if even he could fix it…

Son of Magic
Haley Riordan is a good author just like his father. I was very impressed with this story. This story is about a rogue son of Hecate who is in grave danger. He is so desperate that he needs a mortal to help him.

I conclude that the Demigod Diaries is great and that you should get yourself a copy.


I got it!!!

Told you guys I’d get a copy 🙂


Can’t wait to get it done

First Official Picture of Thalia

Opening my copy of Demigod Diaries I was pleasantly surprised to see an official portrait of the daughter of Zeus.

What do you think of Thalia? I think her eyes are perfect.

Demigod Diaries in Three Days!


The Demigod Diaries comes out in three days! What story are you looking forward to reading?

The Demigod Diaries will contain three new stories with character interviews, illustrations, puzzles, and a quiz. The three stories include: Thalia’s, Luke’s, and Annabeth’s adventures before the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series began; a first-person narrative from Percy’s viewpoint as he and Annabeth complete a task given by Hermes regarding his staff;a story involving Jason, Leo, and Piper during their time spent at Camp Half-Blood between The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune. It will also include a short story by Riordan’s son, Haley Riordan, revolving around one of the demigods who fought for Kronos during the Second Titan War and survived the battle in Manhattan./blockquote>



Cover for the Demigod Diaries

The Heroes of Olympus: The Demigod Diaries

A little late but here’s the cover!! What do you think, sound off in the comments!

The Demigod Diaries

“What dangers do runaway demigods Luke and Thalia face on their way to Camp Half-Blood? Are Percy and Annabeth up to the task of rescuing stolen goods from a fire-breathing giant who doesn’t take kindly to intruders? How exactly are Leo, Piper, and Jason supposed to find a runaway table, dodge a band of party-loving Maenads (who just might be a little psychotic), and stave off a massive explosion…all in one hour or less?” –

Sounds like something similar to The Demigod Files. According to Amazon, it will be 224 pages.  Mr. Riordan also announced that his son, Haley, will be contributing a short story about what happened to the demigods that sided with Kronos after the Battle of Manhattan! This will hopefully help ease the wait for The Mark of Athena!

The book is due out August 14, 2012.