Read a Deleted Scene from THE LAST OLYMPIAN

Rick Riordan has released a deleted scene from PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS: THE LAST OLYMPIAN!


The scene focuses on Percy Jackson encountering his childhood nemesis, Nancy Bobofit, unconscious in Manhattan when Morpheus puts the city to sleep just before Kronos’ attack.

The lights of the city were blinking on. I guess they were on automatic timers. The streetlamps in the park glowed, making the lanes and the trees look spooky – like we needed any more spookiness.
Thalia stopped and tensed, like she was catching a scent. “I’ll be back. Need to check the Hunters on the right flank.”
Her bow appeared in her hands and she disappeared into the trees.
We stepped over bodies of sleeping New Yorkers, moving them to safety when we could. We were just coming to a stone bridge on the northern side of the park when we came across a dozen kids, all slumped next to a pretzel stand, like they’d been lined up to buy snacks.
Grover yelped. “Percy . . . look.”



Fan Art of the Day: The Junkyard of the Gods

Fan Art of the Day: The Junkyard of the Gods

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By illustrationrookie

Based on book three of the Percy Jackson’s series, The Titan’s Curse.

Fan Art of the Day: A Healed Tree and Some

Happy Sea of Monsters Day!

by tasha95

by tasha95

Because we found so many great pieces of fan art to chose from, we’ve got a couple more coming up tomorrow and Friday to keep you going until the weekend!

Poll: Who Are You Most Looking Forward to Meeting in SEA OF MONSTERS

In just nine, count ’em, NINE days Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters will finally hit the big screen!  For some fun, visit us daily from now through August 7th as we’ll have a new poll waiting here for you each day!

Demigods go Disney

The Big Three-Disney

Daekazu on DeviantART created the most Fan-tastic Big Three MashUp. Using Disney’s Poseidon, Zeus and Hades,(from the movie Hercules), for our Big Three he combined them with a skilfully animated representation of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover.

Percy Jackson + Disney’s Gods” depicts a scene from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and shows Percy holding Riptide, and of course Zeus’ master bolt. This work of fan art was featured in two Percy Jackson groups on the site, three Disney groups and three other groups.

Daekazu had done one other Percy Jackson themed work of fan art entitled “Percy Jackson CAST” Which depicts main characters from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
Including favorites such as Percy, Grover, Annabeth, and many others excluding Luke Castellan and Thalia Grace.  
We hope to see more fantastic PJO art from him in the future.


Rick Riordan Q & A: Morning Edition!

As promised, Rick Riordan has been graciously answering fans questions today and plans to continue doing so throughout the weekend! Since he announced that he’ll be taking a short break until this afternoon to prepare for his Mark of Athena tour, we figured we’d recap Part 1  the highlights of his Twitter Q & A from last night and this morning!

Rick Riordan author Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus

Rick Riordan


Q: What is the title of the 4th book (HoO)?
A: You’ll find out at the end of Mark of Athena.

Q: Why is Blackjack a mare in SoM, then a male in Titan’s curse?
A: Percy wasn’t looking closely. Or maybe I made a mistake.

Q: Is Calypso gonna come back for Heroes of Olympus series?
A: MINOR SPOILER: Yes, you will see her at some point.

Q: What happened to the gray strands of hair of Percy & Annabeth?
A: This will be answered in Mark of Athena.

Q: Do you have any plans for Luke’s reincarnation?
A: No, Luke has gone on to another life. (sniffle)

Rick Riordan Twitter Q&A troll

Rick’s response to one fan suggesting he’s a bit of a troll: “Who me? Nah.” and this photo!

Q: Would you like to have a unicorn?
A:Meh, third choice behind llama and penguin.Q: Which character would you dress up as for Halloween?
A: Haha. Uh, probably Chiron if I could figure out the costume.

Q: Will Leo have a serious love interest in any book of HoO?
A: Leo is wondering the same thing. That’s all I can say!

Q: Will Grover show up in The Heroes of Olympus series again?
A: He doesn’t have a big part, no. He’s off doing nature stuff. However, the story I will preview at the events will feature the return of Grover.

Q: Will Thalia be in MoA?
A: No, there are already soooo many characters to juggle w/the seven prophecy demigods.

Q: If you could talk to a god/goddess, or a demigod, for a day who would you choose?
A: Maybe Hestia, least likely to kill me.

Q: Is Annabeth based on someone in your life? If so, then who?
A: No. Sort of a combination of many students I taught.

Q: Whatever happened to Clarisse?
A: She’s around, just doesn’t have a big part in Heroes.

Q: How did the REAL Charlie Beckendorf feel about you killing off the character?
A: I haven’t talked to him! He’s nothing like Beckendorf in the books. I just borrowed the name. I only name a few characters after real ppl, and they are ppl I know personally. Travis/Connor Stoll, Mrs. Dodds, Mr. Brunner.

Keep your eye on Rick’s Twitter account, @camphalfblood, for more Q & A throughout the weekend!

Demigod Diaries Review

I’ve finished reading the Demigod Diaries and I’ve got say that I was very pleased on how it was.

The Diary of Luke Castellan:
I wasn’t so sure about a story based on Luke at first, but I thought it was good. It showed how Luke had gotten his resentment towards the gods. After that I could see why he turned on the gods even though it was a bad choice. It also showed how Thalia and him got a special item I think you would recognize.

Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes:
This story was a definite Percabeth story, it starts off as a picnic date between the two demigods and Annabeth mentions that Percy forgot something… Uh oh! Thank the gods that Hermes came with a special quest for them. He lost his special item… Try to guess what it is. Well anyway, I thought this was a nice humorous story and it had a nice ending.

Leo Valdez and the Quest For Buford
This was my favorite story of the book. Probably because my favorite characters consists of Leo and Nico, sadly Nico wasn’t in it :-(. Anyway, this was a funny story that is set in the middle of the building of Argo II. And Leo loses something fatal and he doesn’t know if even he could fix it…

Son of Magic
Haley Riordan is a good author just like his father. I was very impressed with this story. This story is about a rogue son of Hecate who is in grave danger. He is so desperate that he needs a mortal to help him.

I conclude that the Demigod Diaries is great and that you should get yourself a copy.