The second film in the Percy Jackson series is soon to hit DVD!


On DVD Releases reports that PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 17 in US.The movie will be available in digital format on iTunes and Amazon two weeks earlier on December 3!

The Blu-ray edition will contain several special features, including a Tyson Motion Comic, Collectible Character Cards, Back To Camp-Half-Blood, It’s All In The Eye, and Deconstructing a Demigod.

You can pre-order the PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS DVD on Amazon!


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, MTV interviews.


Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and the director, Thor Freudenthal talk about the new Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters film. The interview see’s into their opinions, what they experienced, and whether they would choose between being a God or a Demigod.

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Percy Jackson Director on Nathan Fillion, Hermes, and the Firefly Reference

If you’ve seen Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, you probably got a kick out of Nathan Fillion as Hermes, especially when he made a reference to his very popular but very short-lived television show, Firefly.


Director Thor Freudenthal recently talked to Hypable about how that role came to be and why Nathan Fillion was the perfect Hermes:

“I worked with a great writer on this film, and I told him that we would cast Nathan. And he instantly went back to the computer and revised lines. He actually wrote a very direct Firefly reference into it that had Hermes say, ‘Hey, the best show ever is Firefly.’ And that really takes you out of the movie. So while it was a great sort of general direction to go in, Nathan came up with ‘Greatest television show ever so of course, canceled.’”

The director said that Fillion, who plays Hermes, brought a lot of what fans already love about the actor to Sea of Monsters. “He’s got razor sharp comedic timing. He does a lot of his own tweaking of dialogue and writing. Literally you can tell him ‘Okay you have to cross from here to there, but we don’t have enough words to fill that.’ So he’s like, ‘Okay I’ve got something’ and then it’s the funniest line in the scene.”

‘Sea of Monsters’ Concept Art

Alfonso De La Torre and Joshua Min, concept artists for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, have released some concept art from the film including Polyphemus, a hippocampus, Tyson, Kronos, and the Colchis Bull.


Thor Freudenthal Talks Sea of Monsters

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Thor Freudenthal, director of the Sea of Monsters movie, about the film and its loyalty to the books:

THR: The first film got a bit of heat for not being completely faithful to the book. How aware were you of that issue?

Freudenthal: I was aware. I read through some of the issues hardcore fans of the book had with the movie. While I sort of saw the issues here and there, I also felt that the movie has to restructure and re-think a lot of things in order to work as a movie, as opposed to a book, which is a sprawling, maybe at times episodic, adventure. The book can obviously afford the luxury to do that, whereas a movie has one straight through-line you have to follow. What was important to me in making it was there’s some central elements in the mythology of Percy Jackson that our story wouldn’t work without. It’s all a big part of the first book in the series. I thought this story we’re telling gave us the opportunity to bring those elements that were missing the first time around into this movie.

THR: In the books, the characters are younger, about 11 or 12 years old. Are you glad that the film has older characters?

Freudenthal: That was a decision that [Lightning Thief director] Chris [Columbus] made, and, think of it what you will, I fully understand it because I’ve done a couple films with young actors, with kids, and as much as it’s really gratifying to work with young performers, there’s limitations to the physical abilities, to what you can do with action. I find it fully understandable that Chris wanted to go with older actors and I’m thrilled that he picked the actors he did. To me, it’s definitely different from the book, but I felt it helped me in my day-to-day work in trying to create action with young people. Even though the actors are older, I think they embody the youthful spirit that the characters have.

THR: Have you had any talks about directing the next film in the series? Are you interested in that?

Freudenthal: I have not talked to people about it, but generally, yes, sure, I’d be interested. I think it’s a fun world to visit. I think that the books series continues to explore different worlds. In the movie alone we went from Camp Half-Blood to the open ocean to surrealistic environments such as Hermes’ house. It feels like you were in so many different places exploring so many different worlds. I’d be attracted to continuing down that road to explore different worlds. Obviously it depends on how people like this movie and how well it does.

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NEW STILL: Young Luke, Annabeth, and Grover

Via the official Percy Jackson Twitter, a new still featuring a young Luke, Annabeth, and Grover has been released.



Clarisse La Rue

The official Percy Jackson Movies Facebook page posted a new picture of Clarisse.