Logan Lerman on Sea of Monsters

Logan Lerman recently sat down with MTV to dicuss Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Since the movie is called “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,” it wouldn’t be asking too much to expect a few monsters to show up onscreen over the course of the film, and in that category, Lerman assured MTV News that they can deliver.

“There are a good number of monsters. It won’t disappoint,” Lerman said. “We did see them on set. It was cool. A lot of them were actually in person, things that would be actually on camera that they’ll redo with visual effects. It was great. We had actors instead of a ball or a mark on a green screen.”



Vote for Sea of Monsters in the MTV Movie Brawl

With one day left in Round 4 the MTV Movie Brawl, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is in a VERY tight race with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Help the Demigods push ahead by clicking below and voting!


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Vote for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in the MTV Movie Brawl

MTV has officially begun its 2013 Movie Brawl, in which fans battle it out to see which upcoming film is the most anticipated blockbuster of the year!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is a major contender in this year’s brawl! Click here to vote!

On January 14, the competition will be cut down to the top 16 favorites. The voting will then switch over to March Madness style brackets, pitting each movie against one other until only the most popular remains (The same way Percy Jackson won our Clash of the Epic Characters!)

In the current voting stage, Sea of Monsters is in third place right now!

Vote for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters!

Hollywood Crush is hosting a poll for ‘Which 2013 Literary Movie Excites You Most?’ Sea of Monsters is going up against Catching Fire, City of Bones, The Host, Beautiful Creatures, and many more. Right now, Sea of Monsters is in second place after City of Bones. Vote, vote, vote!


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