HOUSE OF HADES Exclusives At Your Local Stores

Where will you be getting your House of Hades novel next week?  Well, here’s some options for you, which will include exclusive items for each of the listed sellers.

Sam’s Club and Walmart Exclusive:


Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter bumper stickers

Target Exclusive:

HoH-doorhanger  HoH-doorhanger-otherside
Door hanger, one side saying “Welcome to Mt. Olympus” and the other side saying “Do Not Enter or All Hades Will Break Loose!”

Barnes & Noble Exclusive:

Full color Tartarus map (image shown is only non-spoilery top portion)

Where will you be purchasing your book?  Essentially, it’s the story that matters, so enjoy the book, wherever you purchase it!

via Myth & Mystery.


Interactive Map of Camp Jupiter

Check out this new interactive map of Camp Jupiter posted on Rick Riordan’s Website!!

Are you a fan of official book maps or do you like to draw your own?  Sound off in the comments!

Map of Camp Half Blood

Holy Poseidon guys! Check out this new map of Camp Half-blood, as posted on The Percy Jackson Wiki and Facebook page.