Fan Art of the Day: Ferocity and Color

Then there was a wild chorus of war cries and hooves thundering against metal. A dozen centaurs charged out of the main stairwell.

“Ponies!” Tyson cried with delight.

My mind had trouble processing everything I saw. Chiron was among the crowd, but his relatives were almost nothing like him. There were centaurs with black Arabian stallion bodies, others with gold palomino coats, others with orange-and-white spots like paint horses. Some wore brightly colored T-shirts with Day-Glo letters that said PARTY PONIES: SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER.

Some were armed with bows, some with baseball bats, some with paintball guns. One had his face painted like a Comanche warrior and was waving a large orange Styrofoam hand making a big Number I. Another was bare-chested and painted entirely green. A third had googly-eye glasses with the eyeballs bouncing around on Slinky coils, and one of those baseball caps with soda-can-and-straw attachments on either side.

They exploded onto the deck with such ferocity and color that for a moment even Luke was stunned. I couldn’t tell whether they had come to celebrate or attack.

By o0-sarcasm-0o

By o0-sarcasm-0o



We are now less than a month away from the release date of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters!!!  Sure, there’re still a lot of Percy Jackson fans out there unsure of this sequel to the first film, but I’m optimistic!  And on the official Percy Jackson Facebook page, they’ve recently posted these stills:

The movie brings back some of the original actors to reprise their roles – Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, Alexandra Daddario as (a blond) Annabeth Chase, Brandon T. Jackson as Grover Underwood, and Jake Abel as Luke Castellan.  There are also some new faces to the sequel – Anthony Head as Chiron (a role originally played by Pierce Brosnan), Stanley Tucci as Dionysius, Nathan Fillion as Hermes, and Leven Rambin as Clarisse La Rue.

The movie is scheduled to open in theaters on Wednesday, August 7th!

Source: YAHollywood

Percy Jackson: SEA OF MONSTERS Trailer 2 Gives Us More Hermes, Luke, and Others!

pj-som-still-06For those still unsure about how much more true the movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters will be to the book, as compared to the first movie, maybe a 2nd trailer will help you have a better idea.

I must say that if Nathan Fillion is in it, then it must be better!  And it’s nice you get to see more of him as Hermes in this trailer, as well as Jake Abel as Luke Castellan, Anthony Head as Chiron, and rainbow ponies!

What do you think now?


Demigods go Disney

The Big Three-Disney

Daekazu on DeviantART created the most Fan-tastic Big Three MashUp. Using Disney’s Poseidon, Zeus and Hades,(from the movie Hercules), for our Big Three he combined them with a skilfully animated representation of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover.

Percy Jackson + Disney’s Gods” depicts a scene from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and shows Percy holding Riptide, and of course Zeus’ master bolt. This work of fan art was featured in two Percy Jackson groups on the site, three Disney groups and three other groups.

Daekazu had done one other Percy Jackson themed work of fan art entitled “Percy Jackson CAST” Which depicts main characters from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
Including favorites such as Percy, Grover, Annabeth, and many others excluding Luke Castellan and Thalia Grace.  
We hope to see more fantastic PJO art from him in the future.


Demigod Diaries Review

I’ve finished reading the Demigod Diaries and I’ve got say that I was very pleased on how it was.

The Diary of Luke Castellan:
I wasn’t so sure about a story based on Luke at first, but I thought it was good. It showed how Luke had gotten his resentment towards the gods. After that I could see why he turned on the gods even though it was a bad choice. It also showed how Thalia and him got a special item I think you would recognize.

Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes:
This story was a definite Percabeth story, it starts off as a picnic date between the two demigods and Annabeth mentions that Percy forgot something… Uh oh! Thank the gods that Hermes came with a special quest for them. He lost his special item… Try to guess what it is. Well anyway, I thought this was a nice humorous story and it had a nice ending.

Leo Valdez and the Quest For Buford
This was my favorite story of the book. Probably because my favorite characters consists of Leo and Nico, sadly Nico wasn’t in it :-(. Anyway, this was a funny story that is set in the middle of the building of Argo II. And Leo loses something fatal and he doesn’t know if even he could fix it…

Son of Magic
Haley Riordan is a good author just like his father. I was very impressed with this story. This story is about a rogue son of Hecate who is in grave danger. He is so desperate that he needs a mortal to help him.

I conclude that the Demigod Diaries is great and that you should get yourself a copy.

Flashbacks in Store!

A quick browse through the IMDB page for Sea of Monsters shows casting for a Young Annabeth, Luke, Grover, and Thalia.  Any demigod can put two and two together and will certainty say we will see flashbacks of Annabeth’s life prior to coming to Camp Half-Blood!

 Young Annabeth will be played by Alisha Newton.

Alisha Newton Picture

Young Thalia will be played by Katelyn Mager

Katelyn Mager Picture

Younger Grover will be played by Bjorn Yearwood. (What a cool name!)

Bjorn Yearwood Picture

Young Luke will be played by Samuel Braun.

(He seems to be a new actor for no picture was available.)

Jake Abel and Leven Rambin Pictures from the Sea of Monsters Set

Just Jared Jr. must have someone on the set 24-7 to grab all these shots, but hey, as long as they’re not imposing, I don’t think I mind too much, and neither do you.  So, here’s more pictures, including some of Leven Rambin in costume as Clarisse La Rue, and Jake Abel, who plays Luke Castellan,  either leaving or going to the set.