Demigod Diaries Review

I’ve finished reading the Demigod Diaries and I’ve got say that I was very pleased on how it was.

The Diary of Luke Castellan:
I wasn’t so sure about a story based on Luke at first, but I thought it was good. It showed how Luke had gotten his resentment towards the gods. After that I could see why he turned on the gods even though it was a bad choice. It also showed how Thalia and him got a special item I think you would recognize.

Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes:
This story was a definite Percabeth story, it starts off as a picnic date between the two demigods and Annabeth mentions that Percy forgot something… Uh oh! Thank the gods that Hermes came with a special quest for them. He lost his special item… Try to guess what it is. Well anyway, I thought this was a nice humorous story and it had a nice ending.

Leo Valdez and the Quest For Buford
This was my favorite story of the book. Probably because my favorite characters consists of Leo and Nico, sadly Nico wasn’t in it :-(. Anyway, this was a funny story that is set in the middle of the building of Argo II. And Leo loses something fatal and he doesn’t know if even he could fix it…

Son of Magic
Haley Riordan is a good author just like his father. I was very impressed with this story. This story is about a rogue son of Hecate who is in grave danger. He is so desperate that he needs a mortal to help him.

I conclude that the Demigod Diaries is great and that you should get yourself a copy.


Fan Art of Leo, Nico, Percy, and Jason 2010 and 2012

Artist Cathrel made some pretty amazing images of these four wonderful characters of the Heroes of Olympus series. But not only did he create a set of them once, he did it twice!  So, he created a meme to compare between the two sets.  One was done in 2010 with pen and tool, and the other in 2012 with a tablet.

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What do you think?  I actually think I prefer the 2010 versions of them, but they are still both great versions of the characters.

Fan Art Friday – The New Trio and Percabeth

I’m feeling extra generous for Percy Jackson and friends, so here’s a double dose of fan art for you all!

I really enjoyed The Lost Hero, despite the lack of Percy Jackson, because Rick Riordan still gives us entertaining and complex characters.  Of course, like many others, Leo Valdez has come to be a favorite of mine.  But I love them all.

Artist:  Burdge-Bug on Deviantart


I love the emotion this drawing just evokes.  It’s such a “feels” moment, but in a good way.


Artist: Burdge-Bug on Tumblr


Percy Jackson Characters!!!

I found this amazing picture off of good ol’ deviantART! This one’s by Burdge-Bug

~Jaye daughter of Athena