Percy Jackson fan art

I want to tip my hat to Cathre L.  His face actually looks normal… no offense to myself, because I can’t draw people very well.  (Her Deviantart account is here. ) percy-jackson-the-heroes-of-olympus-18838784-316-500


Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief Minimalist Art

Love all the Mark of Athena hype, but still want to think back on the original series? Keep out this great minimalist fan art featuring quotes from the first book!

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief quotes Minimalist art

by tveitmas

Rick Riordan Encounters Satyr on Mark of Athena Tour!

Rick Riordan has finished with his Mark of Athena book tour. While you can read about all of his adventures on his blog, there’s one photo that deserves a post all its own!

Check out Topher the Satyr posing with Rick in perhaps the most creative fan costumes we’ve seen yet!

Rick Riordan Heroes of Olympus Satyr Fan Photo

Rick and Topher

Will you be dressing as a demigod or mythological creature this Halloween? We bet Rick would love it!

Get Your Own Camp Halfblood Necklace!

Each year at Camp Halfblood, the demigods receive a single charm representing the most important events of the year. Each charm gets added onto a necklace worn by each camper to show just how much they’ve seen during their time at the camp!

Well, we’ve seen it all too! Don’t we deserve our own charms?!

Some talented Etsy artists think so! Check out their designs and click the images to view their pages:

Percy Jackson Heroes of Olymus Camp Halfblood charms necklace

Deesigned – $23

Nobody246 – $30

Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus Camp Halfblood charm necklace

woodspriteanon – $20

Which take on the wooden tokens is your favorite?