More Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Clips

New Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters clips have been coming out of the woodwork lately! Take a look!

Those Aren’t Sharks

Hi Brother


Fan Art of the Day: Ferocity and Color

Then there was a wild chorus of war cries and hooves thundering against metal. A dozen centaurs charged out of the main stairwell.

“Ponies!” Tyson cried with delight.

My mind had trouble processing everything I saw. Chiron was among the crowd, but his relatives were almost nothing like him. There were centaurs with black Arabian stallion bodies, others with gold palomino coats, others with orange-and-white spots like paint horses. Some wore brightly colored T-shirts with Day-Glo letters that said PARTY PONIES: SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER.

Some were armed with bows, some with baseball bats, some with paintball guns. One had his face painted like a Comanche warrior and was waving a large orange Styrofoam hand making a big Number I. Another was bare-chested and painted entirely green. A third had googly-eye glasses with the eyeballs bouncing around on Slinky coils, and one of those baseball caps with soda-can-and-straw attachments on either side.

They exploded onto the deck with such ferocity and color that for a moment even Luke was stunned. I couldn’t tell whether they had come to celebrate or attack.

By o0-sarcasm-0o

By o0-sarcasm-0o


We are now less than a month away from the release date of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters!!!  Sure, there’re still a lot of Percy Jackson fans out there unsure of this sequel to the first film, but I’m optimistic!  And on the official Percy Jackson Facebook page, they’ve recently posted these stills:

The movie brings back some of the original actors to reprise their roles – Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, Alexandra Daddario as (a blond) Annabeth Chase, Brandon T. Jackson as Grover Underwood, and Jake Abel as Luke Castellan.  There are also some new faces to the sequel – Anthony Head as Chiron (a role originally played by Pierce Brosnan), Stanley Tucci as Dionysius, Nathan Fillion as Hermes, and Leven Rambin as Clarisse La Rue.

The movie is scheduled to open in theaters on Wednesday, August 7th!

Source: YAHollywood

Percy Jackson: SEA OF MONSTERS Trailer 2 Gives Us More Hermes, Luke, and Others!

pj-som-still-06For those still unsure about how much more true the movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters will be to the book, as compared to the first movie, maybe a 2nd trailer will help you have a better idea.

I must say that if Nathan Fillion is in it, then it must be better!  And it’s nice you get to see more of him as Hermes in this trailer, as well as Jake Abel as Luke Castellan, Anthony Head as Chiron, and rainbow ponies!

What do you think now?


A Message From Chiron for Camp Half-Blood

Have you checked out the Greeks vs. Romans site lately?  A few days ago, Activities Director Chiron sent out a message to all Camp Half-Blood campers!

If you go on the site, you can click on the Comment link and let Chiron know what you are looking forward to!  Hopefully this will get the site expanding soon.  I certainly don’t mind riding on the pegasi!


Rick Riordan Answers Questions via Twitter

UK Cover version of the Mark of Athena book.

Rick Riordan was amazingly gracious enough to answer a boat load of questions from fans via Twitter.  Here are the ones regarding the books.


Q: @Maggheera Is Drew in the Serpent’s Shadow the same Drew as the one in The Lost Hero?

A: Yes. 😀

Q: @Sir_Cumstances Why are you so great at writing cliffhangers?!

A: A true cliffhanger means characters end the story in imminent danger.  Most of my endings aren’t actually cliffhangers. They just leave unanswered questions. Mark of Athena, however, ah… never mind.

Q: @Pob584 how did Frank & Hazel kill the Giant in S.o.N when they can only be killed by Gods & Demi-gods working together?

A: The giant Alcyoneus is unique. He is only immortal in the land where he spawned, in this case, Alaska. Once outside, he’s fair game.

Q: @brogueskittles Tell me Nico is safe! Tell me he’s gonna have a bigger role!

A: Nico has a key role in MoA but demigods are rarely safe!

Q: @AtrociouslyMad Will we be getting a Percy and Annabeth reunion in MoA or not?

A: Don’t think it’s too much of a spoler to say yes.

Q: @TheSwiftFactor ARE YOU PLANNING A CROSSOVER? (Kane/Heroes).

A: If I did, that would be way down the line. Heroes & Norse series first.

Q: @cs412 How come, in the new series, not all demigods have ADHD and dyslexia?

A: That’s true in PJO too. Many demigods do, but not all.

Q: @ItsSimplyGaby Is there anything that you could say about the Leo/Sammy thing in MoA?

A: No spoilers. Sorry! But it will be explained in MoA

Q: @maisumamariana_The Heroes of Olympus is going to have how many books?
A: Five.
Q: @HermioneMila When is Annabeth’s birthday?

A: I don’t know. I’ve never had a reason to determine it, at least not yet.

Q: @OlympusTributes what happened to Calypso?

A: She will make an appearance later in the Heroes series. Right now, that’s all I can say

Q: @JoshuaDanielss Out of the characters in the HoO, which is your favorite to write about?

A: Gleeson Hedge. He cracks me up. Also Leo.

Q: @im_a_halfblood Are you planning on writing another Camp Half-Blood series?

A: Like I said, that’s waaaay far in the future, but some day, I’d like to do 1 more CHB series where all the action actually happens at camp, b/c most of the other books happen on quests. That’s part of the story that hasn’t been told, & would be fun. But like I said, that’s way, way in the future, so don’t hold your breath.

Q: (got buried) Any characters based on real life?

A: Yeah. Mrs. Dodds is a real math teacher, but she’s not actually a monster.  Mr. Brunner (aka Chiron) is a real Latin teacher. Travis & Connor Stoll, Beckendorf, Miranda & Nico are named for former students of mine.

Q: @jvolr I heard a rumor that Thalia will die in The Mark of Athena, you confirm?

A: I can confirm that you shouldn’t listen to rumors.

Q: @OnlyDemigods_Hi Uncle Rick, what’s your favorite character from the Percy Jackson?

A: Grover or Tyson. They’re so fun to write about.

Q: @helloandie Have you ever cried while writing?

A: Only because the first draft is so bad and my deadline is so close. 😀  No, actually I got teary-eyed when I wrote one scene in Mark of Athena, and no, I can’t tell you what it was. Yes, I know that’s mean.

Q: @Jackieromano199 after the TitansCurse, Annabeth and Percy’s Grey streaks are never mentioned…shouldn’t someone question them?

A: Actually that question will be addressed in Mark of Athena.

Q: Someone (sry got buried) asked what’s my favorite ship in my books.

A: The Argo II. Oh . . . not that kind of ship?

Q: @kklorman2 Who would you rather have: Festus or Blackjack?

A: At the risk of hurting Blackjack’s feelings, Festus for sure.

Q: @TheNightCountry why is the book cover art different from the UK and the USA versions?

A: different publishers make diff. covers.  The thinking is UK kids r attracted to different cover art than US kids. *shrug* Each publisher has final say over the cover in that country.

You’ll notice that the humor in his writing only comes naturally due to his humor in some of his answers.  You’ll be able to see more of it in the rest of his questions, which you can read on his blogsite here.

Anthony Head To Replace Pierce Brosnan As Chiron

Anthony Head with a little friend

The Hollywood Reporter released an article announcing that former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Merlin” star will be replacing Pierce Brosnan as Chiron in the sequel, Sea of Monsters.

Anthony Head is familiar with the trainer/teacher role as he played that role as Giles in Buffy for about 7 years, and he played it well.  Some can say they found Giles to be quite attractive in a way, and of course it doesn’t hurt to have a British accent.

I think this role would be good for him, however, I’m curious as to how he’ll transition the role from the way Pierce portrayed Chiron into that of his own.

With Nathan Fillion portraying Hermes, I was ecstatic for him and this movie because he’s such a familiar presence in the geekdom and I was hoping that will boost the interest in this movie.  So, with Anthony joining the cast, it’s just another reason for the geekdom, who should be familiar with Head as well, to take interest.

Anthony has been recently seen in the Fantasy TV series, Merlin, as well as on the big screen in the movie The Iron Lady (well, I guess he was also in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, but we won’t talk about that.)

Anthony Head as King Uther in Merlin

What do you think?  Do you think Anthony will take over the role well enough, or that Pierce should’ve come back?  I for one don’t mind the change.