BattleShips: Vote for Your Favorite Heroes of Olympus Couple!

Who is your favorite couple from the Heroes of Olympus series? Let Hypable know and they’ll enter into Hypable’s Battleships – Books Edition, a tournament style competition to find the best couple in all of literature.


CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite Heroes of Olympus couple until 10am on June 5th!

Currently, Percabeth has a commanding lead over the competition, but will another ship rise up to beat them?


Our Favorite Percy Jackson Actors Are Branching Out!

We all know of our very own Percy, Logan Lerman, had a starring role in this fall’s feature film Perks of Being a Wallflower, but what is everyone else doing?

According to our Grover, Brandon T. Jackson has signed on for a tv series reboot of “Beverly Hills Cop” as Aaron Foley! He’s the son of Eddie Murphy’s character from the original films (Axel Foley) and it centers around his battle to get out from his father’s shadow by solving the hardest hitting crimes. You go Brandon! He was apparently handpicked by Murphy for his talents in “Lightning Thief” and “Tropic Thunder”.

Then we have our Annabeth, Alexandra Daddario, whose new movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D” comes to theaters January 4th, 2013! According to she said the film has a lot of “running/screaming/crying scenes” that she had a lot of fun shooting.

And welcome Leven Rambin, the “Hunger Games” star now our Clarisse La Rue! She says of her character, “She’s a bully and she’s mean, tough and smart.” (

Let’s support our characters in their other adventures and await for them to portray our favorite characters in Sea of Monsters!! Only 274 days guys!!

Vote for Leo

Leo is against Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments and he needs your votes we only have a little time left!!!


UPDATE: Due to a daylight savings glitch, this battle was ended an hour early. To make up for that, we will re-open the poll from 11pm EST to midnight EST on November 6th!

Nico and Leo’s Second Round COTEC

Nico has a tough opponent, he is up against…. wait for it…. Harry Potter.  He is going to need a lot of votes.  Leo is against Peter Wiggin from Ender’s game.