International Trailer Screencaps for PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS

If you don’t want to get more spoiled with some additional or extended scenes from the original trailer, than you probably don’t want to see these screencaps from the international trailer of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.  But if you do, check them out after the jump!  You can even see that some of them have the orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirts!

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A Message From Chiron for Camp Half-Blood

Have you checked out the Greeks vs. Romans site lately?  A few days ago, Activities Director Chiron sent out a message to all Camp Half-Blood campers!

If you go on the site, you can click on the Comment link and let Chiron know what you are looking forward to!  Hopefully this will get the site expanding soon.  I certainly don’t mind riding on the pegasi!


Camp Jupiter Vs. Camp Half-Blood Iron-On Designs!

The Greeks vs. Romans website has been updated to include new Iron-on designs for your t-shirts, jackets, or whatever else you’re crafty enough to put the designs on!

Click the image to download the t-shirt transfer of your choice!

Camp Half Blood Iron On Tshirt Designs Percy Jackson Greeks vs Romans

Camp Half-Blood

SPQR Camp Jupiter Iron On Tshirt design Percy Jackson

Camp Jupiter

And if you’ve never ironed on a t-shirt transfer before, just follow these tips! It’s pretty easy!

Rick Riordan Answers Questions via Twitter

UK Cover version of the Mark of Athena book.

Rick Riordan was amazingly gracious enough to answer a boat load of questions from fans via Twitter.  Here are the ones regarding the books.


Q: @Maggheera Is Drew in the Serpent’s Shadow the same Drew as the one in The Lost Hero?

A: Yes. 😀

Q: @Sir_Cumstances Why are you so great at writing cliffhangers?!

A: A true cliffhanger means characters end the story in imminent danger.  Most of my endings aren’t actually cliffhangers. They just leave unanswered questions. Mark of Athena, however, ah… never mind.

Q: @Pob584 how did Frank & Hazel kill the Giant in S.o.N when they can only be killed by Gods & Demi-gods working together?

A: The giant Alcyoneus is unique. He is only immortal in the land where he spawned, in this case, Alaska. Once outside, he’s fair game.

Q: @brogueskittles Tell me Nico is safe! Tell me he’s gonna have a bigger role!

A: Nico has a key role in MoA but demigods are rarely safe!

Q: @AtrociouslyMad Will we be getting a Percy and Annabeth reunion in MoA or not?

A: Don’t think it’s too much of a spoler to say yes.

Q: @TheSwiftFactor ARE YOU PLANNING A CROSSOVER? (Kane/Heroes).

A: If I did, that would be way down the line. Heroes & Norse series first.

Q: @cs412 How come, in the new series, not all demigods have ADHD and dyslexia?

A: That’s true in PJO too. Many demigods do, but not all.

Q: @ItsSimplyGaby Is there anything that you could say about the Leo/Sammy thing in MoA?

A: No spoilers. Sorry! But it will be explained in MoA

Q: @maisumamariana_The Heroes of Olympus is going to have how many books?
A: Five.
Q: @HermioneMila When is Annabeth’s birthday?

A: I don’t know. I’ve never had a reason to determine it, at least not yet.

Q: @OlympusTributes what happened to Calypso?

A: She will make an appearance later in the Heroes series. Right now, that’s all I can say

Q: @JoshuaDanielss Out of the characters in the HoO, which is your favorite to write about?

A: Gleeson Hedge. He cracks me up. Also Leo.

Q: @im_a_halfblood Are you planning on writing another Camp Half-Blood series?

A: Like I said, that’s waaaay far in the future, but some day, I’d like to do 1 more CHB series where all the action actually happens at camp, b/c most of the other books happen on quests. That’s part of the story that hasn’t been told, & would be fun. But like I said, that’s way, way in the future, so don’t hold your breath.

Q: (got buried) Any characters based on real life?

A: Yeah. Mrs. Dodds is a real math teacher, but she’s not actually a monster.  Mr. Brunner (aka Chiron) is a real Latin teacher. Travis & Connor Stoll, Beckendorf, Miranda & Nico are named for former students of mine.

Q: @jvolr I heard a rumor that Thalia will die in The Mark of Athena, you confirm?

A: I can confirm that you shouldn’t listen to rumors.

Q: @OnlyDemigods_Hi Uncle Rick, what’s your favorite character from the Percy Jackson?

A: Grover or Tyson. They’re so fun to write about.

Q: @helloandie Have you ever cried while writing?

A: Only because the first draft is so bad and my deadline is so close. 😀  No, actually I got teary-eyed when I wrote one scene in Mark of Athena, and no, I can’t tell you what it was. Yes, I know that’s mean.

Q: @Jackieromano199 after the TitansCurse, Annabeth and Percy’s Grey streaks are never mentioned…shouldn’t someone question them?

A: Actually that question will be addressed in Mark of Athena.

Q: Someone (sry got buried) asked what’s my favorite ship in my books.

A: The Argo II. Oh . . . not that kind of ship?

Q: @kklorman2 Who would you rather have: Festus or Blackjack?

A: At the risk of hurting Blackjack’s feelings, Festus for sure.

Q: @TheNightCountry why is the book cover art different from the UK and the USA versions?

A: different publishers make diff. covers.  The thinking is UK kids r attracted to different cover art than US kids. *shrug* Each publisher has final say over the cover in that country.

You’ll notice that the humor in his writing only comes naturally due to his humor in some of his answers.  You’ll be able to see more of it in the rest of his questions, which you can read on his blogsite here.

Head Campers at Camp Half-Blood Fan Art



for my long absense, you see

I came back from camp.


Here’s a nice camp post,

In hikkus, I hope you like it

Apollo would too.  


(Art by t-t-l-sis12)

Official Deleted Scene from The Lightning Thief

Thanks to all the fans for “liking” the Official Percy Jackson page on Facebook, because of this Rick himself let us read one of the deleted scenes from The Lightning Thief!

 Deleted Scene

When everybody had returned to their seats and finished eating their meals, Chiron pounded his hoof again for our attention.

Mr. D got up with a huge sigh. “Yes, I suppose I’d better say hello to all you brats. Well, hello. Our activities director Chiron says the next capture-the-flag is Friday. Cabin Five presently holds the laurels.”

A bunch of ugly cheering rose from the Ares table.

“Personally,” Mr. D continued, “I could care less, but congratulations. Also, I should tell you that we have a new camper today. Peter Johnson.”

Chiron murmured something.

“Er, Percy Jackson,” Mr. D corrected. “That’s right. Hurrah, and all that. Now do your silly little welcome tradition. Go on.”

Cabin Eleven started a chant, pounding on the table and doing a series of hand-gestures I didn’t understand any better than the words:


Half-blood, half-blood, rak-a-sak-a-soo.

Gitcheegumee, ratatooie, whose child are you?

Throw him in, throw him in, welcome to the camp,

No one’s a half-blood until they’re damp!


Then the tempo changed and everyone in the pavilion drummed their fists on the tables:



Percy kiss the boar! Percy kiss the boar!

Percy kiss the boar! Percy kiss the boar!


The bigger guys in Cabin Eleven grabbed me and lifted me over their heads. I struggled a little at first, but I realized there wasn’t much point, so I let them carry me down to the cabins, the whole camp laughing and singing and jostling each other.

We went down to Clarisse’s cabin, the one with the wild boar mounted above the doorway. Luke lifted me on his shoulders so I could reach it.

“Go ahead, Percy!” he yelled. “A big wet one on the snout!”

The thing was disgusting – moldy and smelly and ugly like you wouldn’t believe. The snout was all peeling off and nasty.

“Percy kiss the boar! Percy kiss the boar!” everybody shouted.

Before I could think about it too much, I kissed the boar’s nose.

A roar of approval went up from the campers, and I felt . . . weird, like I’d been accepted. I couldn’t remember the last time anybody had cheered for me, much less a hundred people and satyrs and wood nymphs.

Before I could start feeling too warm and fuzzy, or even wipe the snout-grime off my lips, the stuffed boar’s mouth opened all by itself and let loose an enormous belch right in my face. Everybody roared with laughter.  It was a practical joke – a trick boar.

A new chant started: Throw him in! Throw him in!

The guys carried me down to the canoe lake.

I saw what was coming, but I wasn’t worried about getting wet. I was thinking: Please don’t let this be like the bathroom. Don’t hose everybody down.

I didn’t need to worry. I went straight in – SPLOOSH! – and right down to the bottom.

When I came up gasping, everybody cheered. Luke and some of the other guys hauled me out and clapped me on the back.

We all headed down to the amphitheater, where Apollo’s cabin led the sing-a-long. We sang camp songs and ate s’mores and joked around, and the funny thing was, I didn’t feel like anyone was staring at me anymore. I felt like I was home.

Later in the evening, when the sparks from the campfire were curling into a starry sky, the conch horn blew again, and we all filed back to our cabins. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until I collapsed on my borrowed sleeping bag.

My fingers curled around the minotaur horn. I thought for a moment about my mom, but they were good thoughts – her smile, the bedtime stories she would read me when I was a kid, the way she would tell me not to let the bedbugs bite.

When I closed my eyes, I fell asleep instantly.

That was my first day at Camp Half Blood.

I wish I’d known how briefly I would get to enjoy my new home.

End Deleted Scene

Source: Official Percy Jackson Facebook Page

I can sort of get why this scene was deleted.  Firstly, if Percy was thrown into the lake he wouldn’t be gasping when he came back up.  Secondly, he wouldn’t have been wet from being throw in.  Remember later on when he came out of the Mississippi after falling off the Arch, he’s completely dry.  Still it is exciting!

What did you think?  Sound off in the comments!



Map of Camp Half Blood

Holy Poseidon guys! Check out this new map of Camp Half-blood, as posted on The Percy Jackson Wiki and Facebook page.