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More Rick Riordan Q & A Highlights!

We’ve already posted highlights from the first part of Rick Riordan’s Equinox Q & A session, now we’re back with the highlights from Part 2! Take a look!


Q: What was the saddest death you had to write and why?
A: Silena in the Last Olympian; b/c it was a noble death & brave.

Q: You plan the story before you write it?
A: Yes, I really have to, or I’d get stuck halfway through.

Rick Riordan Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus Indonesia book display Noura

Indonesian Book Display posted by Rick!

Q: Set vs Ares… who wins?
A:Oo. Good one. Advantage Set. Much sneakier.

Q: Coffee or tea? Books or movies? Beach or farm?
A: Coffee, books, farm. (though I like the other choices too)

Q: Mrs. O’Leary or Blackjack?
A: Mrs. O’Leary. I love dogs, especially if they can shadow travel and run over entire armies.

Q: What was your favorite cliffhanger you wrote?
A: Well, have to be careful of spoilers, but the end of Sea of Monsters.

Q: What was it like writing 3rd person for Percy and seeing him through other characters’ eyes?
A: Actually it was really cool! I wanted to do the Heroes series in a different way, because it kept things interesting for me. I didn’t want to do the exact same as PJO.

Q: Did you ever think that Percy and Annabeth could be reincarnations of other heroes, like Perseus and Atalanta?
A: That had never occurred to me. Good question. I think the old heroes are in Elysium, though, so probably not.

Q: Which of the book covers from the PJ series or HoO series is your favourite?
A: I love John Rocco’s US covers. I think my favorite is The Titan’s Curse for PJO, Serpent’s Shadow for KC, and Lost Hero for HoO.

Q: If you were a magician, which path of the gods would you choose?
A: Is it bad that I’d go chaos magic w/ Set?

Q: Are Maenads a very real terrifying interpretation of FANGIRLS?
A: Haha. Maybe. They are authentic myths, though.

Q: Have you worked in collaboration with the team of PJ Sea of Monsters film?
A: Nope. I just write the books. As I’m always saying, I have nothing whatsoever to do w/the movies, so don’t ask me anything. Guarantee you, I don’t know!

Q: You said you got teary eyed when you wrote a scene in MOA. Does that mean we’re all gonna have a heart attack?
A: No, I don’t think so. It’s just kind of a sweet, sad scene. Not a major tragedy or anything. I can’t get more specific.

Q: Do you have the ending of the HoO series ready in your mind?
A: Yes, more or less. And no, I can’t tell you. 😛

That’s all for the Q & A, but you can follow Rick’s regular tweets over on his Twitter!

You Know You’re A Percy Jackson Fan When… *Continued*


18. When you see/hear about anything myhtology-related, you talk about how it was in PJO (what page, book, etc.) and what happened to it.

19. You are suddenly obsessed with Adidas shoes because they have the Hermes symbol.

20. You have dreams about PJO characters/events

21. You carry a ballpoint pen in your pocket.

22. That everytime you pick up a pen, you think it’ll turn into a sword.

23. You go to San Fransisco looking for the Old Sea Man.

24. Whenever your internet slows (or gets shut) down, you yell at the sky and say “HERMES! WHY DO YOU LOVE ANNOYING ME?!”

25. When someone gets married, you say: “I hope you shall not anger Hera”

26. In the beginning of your first History class, you burst out “Will we be studying Greek mythology?!”

27. You pretend (or actually) faint when someone asks “Who’s Percy?”

28. When someone dies, you pray to Hades to allow them to go across Styx for free, because they don’t have drachmas anymore.

29. You pray to Athena when you don’t study for a math test.

30. And when you flunk said test, you blame her irritation on Percabeth.

31. You write fanfiction constantly, even when you’re not at your computer.

32. When your mom grounds you from the computer, you blame it on a combination of Nemesis, Hera and Hermes’ little joke.

33. You want Hephaestus to fix your iPod when it breaks.

34. You give all your friends god parents

35. You call the “Ares kids”, or school bullies, Martians.

*To Be Continued!*

Stay tuned for more! 😀

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