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Poll: If You Were a Demigod…

Two New Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Clips!

It’s clips galore for the Percy Jackson fandom as we get closer and closer to the film’s release! Check it out!

Obstacle Tower:

I’m Having a Bad Day:


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Also, what do you guys want to see this Saturday for the magical creatures and beings?

Reading and the Myths of Reading

Something interesting I found Rick’s blog.

I had a wonderful time giving the first keynote address for the International Reading Association today in San Antonio. If you’re curious, below is the text of my speech:

Reading Myths and the Myths of Reading


The first time I spoke at an IRA convention was right here in San Antonio in 2005. The Lightning Thief had just come out and there were 15 people in the room. You guys have multiplied!

It’s an honor to be back, and it’s amazing to reflect on all that’s happened in the last eight years. For me personally, it’s been quite a ride. In 2005, I was a full-time middle school teacher about to take the scary plunge into full-time writing and I had no idea how that was going to go. If I was known for my novels at all, I was known for some adult mystery novels I’d written, set here in San Antonio. But once I quit teaching middle school, I let that series fall away. Being out of the classroom, I lost my motivation to contemplate murder.

In the last eight years, I’ve written five Percy Jackson novels, three novels about Ancient Egyptian myth, the Kane Chronicles, and now I’m in the home stretch of a second series about demigods in the modern world, The Heroes of Olympus. I’ve received thousands of letters from reading teachers across the world, sharing their sharing success stories of using my books to turn kids into readers. It may sound trite, but as teachers you’ll probably believe me when I say that stories like that are the greatest rewards I can imagine for doing what I do.

So what am I up to now? I just sent the fourth Heroes of Olympus book to my editor. It’ll be coming out in October. The title is The House of Hades, which one reader said sounded like a great place to get a late-night breakfast. The title has caused some confusion online. Another fan wrote that she was extremely anxious to read The Hose of Hades – just to be clear, that’s a totally different book.

But today, I thought I’d talk about my experiences with reading mythology – personally, with my sons, and of course with my own students. I call this ‘Reading Myths and the Myths of Reading.’ I’m going to share with you three things I’ve learned about reading myths and why they resonate so well with kids. Then I’ll share with you three myths about reading that over the years, with the help of my students and now my readership, I’ve managed to bust.

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Percy Jackson Re-Shoots

Recently, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters has finished re-shoots! Logan Lerman (aka Percy) posted a picture on Twitter from the last day of re-shoots.


Leven Rambin posted a picture of Douglas Smith on her Instagram.