Support #WeNeedTitansCurse

While PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS didn’t get as much love and support as we’d all hoped, the Percy Jackson fandom is not giving up quite yet!

Percy Jackson fansites have started a new social networking campaign using the the hashtag #WeNeedTitansCurse!


If you want to see more movies, use the hashtag and sign the petition!

While you’re at it, check out this fan video explaining why you should support more Percy Jackson movies:

What do you think? Does the Percy Jackson film series deserve another go? Or is it time to focus on the books?



3 responses to “Support #WeNeedTitansCurse

  1. The way I see it is simple: I’ll support it if they promise not to screw it up this time.

    For the gods sake, they basically brought Typhon in and made him Kronos AND killed Luke! I mean, sure, we never SAW Luke die… But they threw him to Polyphemus and, well, he had no way out. They left out the whole spa thing, which is one of the funniest scenes. They made the final battle be at an abandoned amusement park.
    Not to mention that the whole plot of Lightning Thief was butchered, turning it into looking for the pearls instead of for the lightning bolt.

    Titan’s Curse could be really cool. For one thing, Thalia (one of the coolest characters in the whole series), is really focused on. Nico di Angelo (another one of my favorites) is introduced. We get to meet the Hunters of Artemis. All this stuff is great! But majority of it will probably be butchered if it’s made into a movie.

    But if Luke was killed by Polyphemus and apparently Percy killed Kronos, what’s left for them to do anyway?

    • I totally agree with you Jen. Although the second movie was still bad, it was still a little (and by little, I mean, really, really little) bit better and they might be able to get some of the parts of Titan’s Curse right in the movie. The way I see it, since the second movie had to build off the first movie, which was horrible by the way, it was a little off. For example, Grover was still with Percy and Annabeth at the end of the first one, they had to change the movie to make Grover end up captured.

      I actually had thought that Luke died in the first movie, since he got hit with the triton in the neck, so if the movies are still following that trend, Luke might be still be alive.

  2. I signed. It’s so awesome that someone came up with this campaign. Though I have to agree with Valdez ( Okay, Jen. But it was cool to write Valdez :D). The second movie wasn’t as great as the book but they made a better job with it than in the first one. Maybe the directors will get the LAst Olympian perfectly right 😀

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